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Hello, I’m Cynthia 

and I have helped children be engaged in their academics for 22 years.  In elementary school, I had a tough time academically and always worked with many tutors to get me through all my school subjects.  These tutors inspired me to teach, and paved the way for me to become the kind and patient tutor that I am today.  In my free time I love to dog sit, meditate, and practice ASL. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from The American University in Communication with a minor in Political Science.  I went on to teach as an Associate Teacher in the elementary grades at Yavneh Hebrew Academy where I have been teaching for over 21 years.

Patience on a Student’s Journey in School

Because of my own journey, I really understand when someone says, “I don’t like school.” I wasn’t a “school person” myself. I am very patient and understanding with children who have these feelings.  I had great examples from two very patient teachers -- once when I was in 3rd grade and again when I started my first teaching job -- who took my hand, showed me they cared about me learning and showed me what to do. I realized at those points in my life, “If they believe in me, I should believe in myself too.”  My journey over the years revealed that what I am meant to do is to help children to like school and to succeed in their elementary studies with the knowledge I have gained along the way.

It’s normal if your child might feel embarrassed and in some ways not smart if they need tutoring. I have the kindness and patience to support elementary age children, build self confidence, and guide them through their academic journey. 

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