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Happy Kids with Books

Learning With Cynthia

Is your elementary age child struggling due to COVID homeschooling or anxiety about returning to school? Do they need support with core subjects?


If so, I am here to help.

Hi, I'm Cynthia! Nice to meet you here on my site, I recently completed my advanced tutoring certification through the National Tutoring Association. Also, I have 22 years of experience in elementary teaching and use innovative methods to help children get over what is holding them back.

I work well with all types of children, however I have a special connection with children who are insecure or self conscious or have difficulty learning.

Get to know more about how I would work with your child by scheduling a FREE 30 min. "Getting to Know You Session".

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Learning with Cynthia as your Tutor Solution

1.    A Trusted Partner -- I am very patient, have years of experience teaching elementary children, and am comfortable communicating with your child’s teacher whenever you need me to.
2.    Student-paced curriculum -- We go at the pace that the student needs. 
3.    Creativity - I use creative methods to adapt to your child’s style of learning.

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